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Former Hattiesburg City Councilman brandishes knife at flag protest. Police called.

Former Hattiesburg City Councilman, Scott Farris, talks to a police officer during a flag protest at USM. Farris brandished a knife when a anti flag protester called him a “snowflake.”

Former Hattiesburg City Councilman and flag supporter, Scott Farris, can be seen brandishing a knife after Justin Thrash, an anti state flag demonstrator, called Farris a “snowflake” during a recent protest. The incident occurred at approximately 1:35 on the video as Farris said,

“There’s more where that came from.”

The incident occurred in front of USM this past Sunday, where for the past 90 weeks, pro state flag supporters have been peacefully demonstrating the University’s decision to not fly the state flag. Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made.

Just two weeks ago another incident occurred which resulted in police arriving on the scene. Anti state flag demonstrator Anna Beth Rowe reportedly sprayed mace in the face of a flag supporter and called two state flag supporters, who are black, “house slaves.” Police were called, but no arrests have been made.

In this video, Farris can been seen in a blue shirt and Khacki pants. Farris is pictured walking in the shoulder of Hardy, blowing an air horn, and later brandishing a knife. Ms. Rowe can be seen in black shorts and a black tank top. Farris told the Hattiesburg Patriot News Media,

“He (Thrash) was closer than 12 or 15 feet and he did call me a “snowflake” and voiced other disrespectful insults–I was in an emotion of Righteous Indignation AND felt imminent potential physical danger when he made deliberate direct eye contact with me.”

Farris went on to say,

” I did not “brandish” my deer knife in a threatening manner–I merely did a simple brief “show and tell” action (knife remained closed at all times) in response to the unprovoked but very threatening and menacing talk, look, and body language of the physically large young man Justin Thrash.”

The video shows Farris approaching Mr. Thrash, who is off camera.

Thrash told Hattiesburg Patriot News Media,

“We are not the bad guys here we are young and want to show that the south will not be held back by old ideals anymore and respect history and feel it’s best served in a museum.”

Catch the video below.

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