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Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association President Andrea Saffle Denies “Purposfully Excluding” Councilwoman Delgado from Meeting. READER POLL Do you think she was purposfully excluded?

Andrea Saffle Hattiesburg Deborah Delgado Hattiesburg
Andrea Saffle is confronted by Councilwoman Deborah Delgado. Delgado alleged she was “purposefully excluded” from the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association’s meeting.

Councilwoman Deborah Delgado accused president Andrea Saffle and the neighborhood association she lives in of  being, “exclusionary to me” and, “I was specifically excluded” she said. She wanted the record to reflect this.  Ms. Delgado said she had received a mailer about the meeting, and commented that she has very rarely been able to attend those meetings; but could attend this one.

The association was meeting to discuss neighborhood issues. The CPAC redistricting plan is endorsed by Delgado, the NAACP, and an African-American citizen group. The plan is opposed by many of the neighborhood associations in Ward 4.  Mrs. Saffle commented on Facebook, “No she was not banned. She was invited. But we said she was invited as a neighbor not as a city representative.”

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