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Mentally and Physically Disabled Man Alleges He was Beaten, Denied Medical Care During and After Arrest.

JONES COUNTY: Four Jones County Deputies have been named in a Federal Civil Rights complaint by plaintiff Daniel Perry. Officers J.D. Carter, Jeff Monk, Stephen Graeser, and Warden Jennifer Henderson, have been named as defendants.  Carter and Monk are accused of attacking Perry during an arrest. Perry claims in his complaint to be both physically and mentally disabled and known to the officers. The complaint states that Perry suffered a zygomatic arch fracture on the right side of his face during the arrest and was denied medical treatment by jail personnel. The complaint states,

“Upon Information and belief. It is standard, commonly accepted practice at the Jones County, Mississippi, detainees to be unlawfully beaten, refused medical treatment and otherwise physically abused.”

The incident occurred after Perry and another man led deputies on a chase before the vehicle ran out of gasoline. The complaint states,

“13. On or about August 12, 2022, Plaintiff, Daniel Perry, was with another person at the Dollar General in Calhoun community in Jones County, Mississippi.”

“14. Plaintiff along with the other person left Dollar General, leading to a police chase that ended with the vehicle running out of gasoline.”

“15. Plaintiff, who has mobility issues due to a prior motorcycle accident, got out of the vehicle.”

“16. Plaintiff was a known person to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department having both mental and physical disabilities.”

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department has seen a spike in lawsuits since Sheriff Joe Berlin was elected. Taxpayers are also being sued for $5 million dollars by a mother and her son for having their Civil Rights violated after deputies unlawfully searched her house and  unlawfully arrested her son, Deshon Bayless for Disorderly Conduct Failure to Comply. The case has been coined. “Jones County Jeopardy.” Click the link to see the surveillance video and courtroom video on that case. One deputy, Andrew Yates, even pled the 5th Amendment against self incrimination in the Justice Court trial.

Read the entire Daniel Perry lawsuit below.


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