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Suboxone Treatment Available in Laurel

Posted on October 18, 2023

South Central Behavioral Health provides opioid addiction treatment and recovery in Laurel and surrounding areas. Amandeep Singh, MD, Psychiatrist, works with each patient to meet their specific needs. Medication-Assisted Treatment is an outpatient service, so the participant can continue to recover while continuing their daily activities like work, schooling and home care uninterrupted.

Our Services for Opioid Addiction Treatment:

  • Medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone medication to address withdrawal symptoms and cravings
  • Medical exams with our physician at each visit to ensure safety
  • Convenient outpatient services
  • No referral required
  • Confidential treatment provided

Suboxone medication is used as a safe alternative to satisfy the needs of patients who have experienced substance abuse. The benefits of Suboxone treatment include lowering the potential for misuse, suppressing opioid withdrawal and decreasing the craving symptoms.

Help Yourself or a Loved One.

Scheduling an appointment is easy and we will do our best to cater to your needs. We do not accept insurance. Please contact our clinic today to learn more about this service and payment options.

South Central Behavioral Health | 601-426-9614 | 1105 Adams Street, Laurel, MS 39440

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