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While Manhunt Ensued in Forrest County, Sheriff Billy McGee Took Time to Support His Mistress in Chancery Court

Sheriff Billy Mcgee
Unafraid to Lead? it appears the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department is in need of new leadership.

An action filed by Jay Jernigan on behalf of his client, the ex husband of McGee’s current mistress, seeks to stop Billy’s mistress from bringing the couple’s children around the troubled Sheriff.  The action was heard in court on Friday before special Judge Hollis McGehee.

As the proceedings began, Jernigan noticed Sheriff McGee sitting in the court and motioned to Judge McGehee that he would like to call McGee forward as a witness. McGee’s mistress’ attorney objected saying McGee was not subpoenaed to testify. The Judge questioned a startled McGee.

McGee informed the Judge that was involved in another action involving alienation of affection. Judge McGehee then suggested to the Sheriff that he might call his attorney. McGee responded, “Am I free to go?” Judge McGehee said, “yes,” and the Sheriff  scurried out of the courtroom and never returned. Presumably to assist in a manhunt for a fugitive on the loose in Forrest County.
Shortly after the Sheriff left, his current wife entered the courtroom and sat on the side of the court showing support for the plaintiff. She listened to the testimony and spoke to Mr. Jernigan after the hearing.

The judge ruled that the children of McGee’s mistress are to have no contact with the married sheriff.

McGee is facing an FBI and Mississippi State Auditor investigation of his department where well over a million dollars in food was stolen from the jail. The kitchen manager and cook have taken plea deals in the 12 year conspiracy. It is speculated that the conspiracy reaches the highest levels of leadership in the department. McGee is also being sued for alienation of affection by the ex husband of McGee’s mistress.

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