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Bradley to Delgado: You are out of order. Mayor Johnny Dupree: You can suspend the rules

This photo shows Mayor Johnny Dupree Hattiesburg instructing the council to suspend the rules. In an unheard move Mayor Johnny Dupree said the council could,”suspend the rules” and allow Delgado to motion to reconsider the appointment of Eleanor Harris and Fredrick Burns to the school board. Councilman Henry Naylor quickly seconded. Council president Kim Bradley fired back, “You are out of order”. He then read the rules of order adopted by the city council. The council follows a set of rules called “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

President Bradley accused Delgado of grandstanding with “Monn” the WDAM cameraman. Monn then turned to the audience and gave a somewhat embarrassed shake of his head, indicating no. Bradley then stated “It’s about accountability. It’s simply about accountability”, referring to Burns and Harris’ lack of cooperation with the council for budget request. Bradley fired back at Delgado, “We have a system that we follow. You (Delgado) are trying to usurp that that things the way we do business and it’s wrong.”(sic)

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