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Councilman Naylor hammers Supervisor Ron Woullard and other detractors in response to extraneous remarks.

Councilman Henry Naylor defends his representation.
Councilman Henry Naylor defends his representation.

Forrest County Supervisor Rod Woullard took the podium and walked the audience on a  good old-fashioned southern stroll of how (TEN YEARS AGO)  he felt Naylor snubbed him in the redistricting process back in early 2000s, and it only digressed into personal attacks by Mr. Woullard. Subsequently, an unknown member of Councilman Naylor’s ward continued the attacks and direct questioning, before councilman Naylor took to his feet and commanded the podium.

At one point Naylor made sure Woullard wasn’t slipping out without hearing his response. Woullard  then re-approached, and as the dialogue continued, Woullard regressed into ancient history and his personal issues.  The crowd began sighing and moaning, inviting Mr. Woullard’s departure.

The first 10 minutes of this video is Mr. Woullard explaining how he was wronged 10 years ago by Coucilman Naylor.


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