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Hattiesburg Public School District Rated D in 2016 State Report


Hattiesburg Public School District
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Hattiesburg Public School District has it’s frst set of ratings without the waivers that have masked the school’s performance issues for the past several years.  The ratings are not good. Overall Hattiesburg Public School District is rated a D.

Hattiesburg High School D
Rowan D
Grace Christian D
Thames D
Lillie Burney (Steam) F
Hawkins Elementary C
NR Burger Middle School C
Woodley Elemenatary C



  1. Even 30 years ago when I was involved with recruiting several retail executives to move to Hattiesburg, Already, the public school system was a big negative..these were people from California and Northern states, not big cities..Competing with other well governed cities will get tougher as the town continues to degenerate..graduating poorly prepaired students to enter the workplace with minimal skills.

  2. Coming from a bad school on the West Bank, this is normal for this type of school. Teachers I’m sure are afraid of these students. There is a LOT of gang evolvement going on through the school now. In middle school in Nola, we had teachers constantly going to the hospital from students. Teachers aren’t going to try to enforce something or battle students who are the size of adults when they fear them. I took a class over the summer at hhs when I moved here. This school is the same as where I came from. Girls had razor blades they kept in their mouths. There were several fights, and someone started a fire. This is just in a month and a half time. If you can get the gangster disciples out of the area, you’ll have the school back. If not, you’re looking at metal detectors and still dealing with the same issues day in and day out. Just my personal experience. I know several friends who’s kids have gotten into gangs lately. Gangsters disciples have taken over. They are the same ones that are breaking into everyone’s cars in that area.

  3. Opportunity for students to learn does not happen because of the questions you mentioned. It’s about resources. Everyone suddenly cares so much about HPSD but this decline started over 10 years ago. Where was the concern then? Parent involvement is not the issue. It’s a cop out for identifying a real solution.

    • I will not dispute if other teacher have stated they felt influenced in reporting incidents on campus but what I can tell you is that is not a common practice throughout district. I have never ever been told how and what to say in a report. The documents do have different levels of infractions to check and an area for us to write up in our own words what we observed. Teachers are also given a copy of each referral written as well as advised to make copy prior to turning it in. The discipline documents used during the state department audit review is the same discipline document currently used.

    • Nona Nelson you are incorrect. Multiple teachers have reported this policy of attempting to influence teachers in their reporting of violence on campus. This is one of the reasons the state came down for a safety audit. The state investigators did visit Petal while here, but the visit was a result of numerous reports by people to the state regarding Hattiesburg.

    • Not true. There are various reason teachers are leaving the district. One of the reasons not stated is a lot of teachers come to HPSD only as a pit stop. Some teachers also will blame others for their poor performance within the classroom.Teachers are not prohibited from using accurate words that describe any event that take place if those words apply to the incident ,also we do get to select from various categorizes depending on the level of the incident and then we are asked to describe in our own words what happen.

    • The district has changed he procedures for reporting school incidents including violence.

      Previously, teacher would select from a list of criteria to categorize what occurred. Below that hey could write a description in their own words of what transpired. The top portion would be entered into the computer.

      Under the new procedure, teachers are prohibited from checking any boxes. Furthermore, teachers at the high school have been instructed to not “big words” such as “assault” in the description section.

      The top reasons teachers are leaving are safety and security for themselves and their property, lack of basic discipline, and the district’s lack of support for the teachers with regard to maintaining order and respect in the classroom.

      The district has a high than desired tolerance for bad behavior and violence.

    • Hattiesburg Patriot I’m sure it is widely believed that the schools in HPSD are fight zones but I can say that is not the truth. I’m not saying fights don’t occur, but Our students come to with many needs that having great mentors can improve self esteem and learning. Come sub and mentor our students and learn in detail what prohibits learning in their life

    • Hattiesburg Patriot I agree. Which is why pointing fingers won’t fix the problem. The whole community needs to wrap around a school district that has been ignored for a really long time to change systemic problems. We also have to have hope in the changes that have been made and the positive impact they can make. Coach Williams has an investment in HPSD and I’d love to see the community 1) hold him accountable and 2) support him. He has an impossible task and he can’t do it alone. Just like the schools didn’t fail as the result of one person they can’t be fixed by one person either.

  4. In my district teachers are allowed to use phones in the classrooms but any posts on social media during the school day could result in termination. I have too much to do during my workday to post on social media. Any photos taken for the school page are uploaded at the end of the day

  5. Hattiesburg schools have become ” just another ” inner city school district. You can’t have a top rated school district without parents involved in their children’s lives. Hattiesburg has more crime now than Laurel. That’s shameful. You have gangs, drugs and killings. It is not the safe place the city administration would have everyone believe it is. The children are the ones who suffer the most. Parents who are crackheads; children raising themselves, children who go hungry, no one to help these children do homework at night. How do you expect these children to learn coming from this environment. The city has failed to keep the town free of gangs and drugs, parents have failed their kids and the teachers have given up on everyone.

    • Hattiesburg Patriot , of course these children want to have the same opportunities in life that so many other children have. But the circumstances from which they come don’t always afford them these opportunities. You have to have parental involvement for children to build self-esteem and desire to succeed. Too many children in Hattiesburg don’t have a clue what this type of home and family life is. They go to class and have no clue how to behave, how to sit and study without being disruptive. They weren’t taught the simple basics of discipline because their parents, or in so many cases just a single mother, didn’t care enough to get involved. The teachers chose to teach, but instead have to babysit a group of uncontrollable kids. The city and school district need to recognize these children and get social services involved in order to help these children. Take a look at Petal School District. I have never seen another school district where parents are so totally involved in their children’s school work and activities than this one. The School Board, the Board of Supervisors, and the Mayor need to stop interfering and let the Superintendent do the job he was hired to do. The Superintendent can get the ball rolling if given half a chance. The children’s future, who will in turn determine the future of the city, depend on how well the school district can recognize the problems these children face on a daily basis and get the help needed.

    • Teachers are giving up and leaving the district, but the primary reason is lack of support and discipline by the administration. That’s the #1 reason reported to this site by former and current teachers planning exit the distinct.

      Administration could stop the slide and begin a turnaround strategy, but their thinking has to be bigger than keeping out of control students in a classroom full of students who want an education in order to keep that funding.

      The vast majority of students are good kids who want to have the same opportunities in life as other kids.

    • You cannot compare because they qualify and screen students before entry only accepting students who do well, have no behavior issues or learning challenges, affluent families that can afford the high price of enrollment- teachers do not have to work too hard when you have well read, well experienced , well supported students and make sure by entrance requirements they only select students who have already excelled. H’burg students left out of that loop of selection do not have the same experiences or support so comparing apples and oranges. H’burg does not cherry pick students in order to score well or make the job of teaching easier. Not judging the process just explaining the reason for the difference in scores.

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