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Ware Files Definative Statement and Response to Dupree’s Motion for Summary Judgement

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When the initial hearing took place in July, Dupree’s defense team said that Ware’s complaint was so vague that they couldn’t even respond to it. The reason for the vagueness was obvious legal strategy. They didn’t want Dupree to know what they knew. So, Dupree’s team of lawyers were forced to file a Motion for Clarification and Motion for Definitive Statement. Ware had until the 17th to file it and he did. The judge also ordered that the last day for Dupree’s team to file for a motion to dismiss is the 19th. So, it is expected that he will do just that. In the meantime, below are the legal responses by Mr. Ware, complete with names.

Another interesting, but not at all surprising development is the arrival of James K. Dukes to the defense. Mr. Dukes is a major power player in Hattiesburg. He was instrumental in getting the Sheriff elected. He was instrumental in getting Chief Bolton on as the Chief of police, and the Chief’s brother on as the jailer. The Mr. Bolton (the jailer)  is also on the board of Forrest General Hospital. Dukes represents:

(1) The Forrest County Sheriffs’ Department SM Election Fraud

(2) The Forrest County Board of Supervisors

(3) Forrest General Hospital

Mr. Dukes Law Firm is known as one of the top criminal defense firms in the state.

Ware’s more detailed complaint ” Definitive Statement” (with names, locations and specifics) can be found below. Please click Recommend at the bottom of the page below the documents.


Dave Ware also responded to Dupree’s motion for summary judgement. Dupree was asking the judge to rule before trial.


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