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Hattiesburg Fireman Joe Anderson and Wife Carmon Allegedly Voted Illegally in 2013 Mayoral Election and filed two homestead tax exemptions

CLICK TO ENLARGE  Joe Anderson signed a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury that he resided at his Jones county residence. He received a homestead tax credit for 2012. Anderson and his wife both voted in the election.

Hattiesburg Fireman Joe Anderson, stationed at the Tatum Park precinct, and his wife Carmon Yvette Anderson voted in the September 24th election and did so illegally according to documents uncovered by investigators with the Hattiesburg Patriot.  Anderson went in to pay the Jones County tax bill on February 1, 2013 and the assessor in Jones County allowed Anderson to file a Class 1 affidavit swearing under penalty of perjury that Anderson had lived in and claimed Homestead for the year 2012.

After filing the “Class 1 Affidavit” the assessor voided the original 4,300.00 tax bill and adjusted the fee in essence back-dating his homestead to 2012, lowering the fee from 4300.00 to 2876.00.   Anderson also has his vehicles registered in Jones County.   Anderson also claimed his home in Hattiesburg as homestead at the same time as the home in Jones county. The Forrest County Tax Assessor has since revoked the homestead exemption for the Hattiesburg home.

dual homestead
CLICK TO ENLARGE This document shows Joe Anderson and his wife claimed dual homestead tax exemptions for the two properties they own. It is only legal to claim one residence under the homestead tax exemption, and that must be your primary residence.

Anderson is a fireman at the Tatum road precinct and both he and his wife are not the only people to have voted in the election who didn’t live in Hattiesburg. Anderson’s wife, Carmen, is the HR Director of the Hattiesburg Public School System.

The Hattiesburg Patriot will release the names and evidence of other voters who were not Hattiesburg residents, and who voted in the election.  It is not yet clear if Anderson and his wife voted in the June 4th election, or the May primary. Each instance of illegal voting is potentially another crime.

**UPDATE – Both Joe Anderson and Carmen Anderson pleaded guilty to illegal voting.

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