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Judge Coleman NOT DEAD!…Just Asleep

judge coleman mississippi
Click to enlarge. Judge Coleman caught napping during Dave Ware attorney’s examination of City Clerk Eddie Meyers.

We had a brief scare in Hattiesburg’s election trial today during the first day of witness testimony. The two most senior members of the cast were mistakenly thought deceased by some spectators. Dupree Attorney Jim Dukes was slumped over in his chair,eyes closed, hand still gripping his cane, and not moving for quite a while. Meanwhile the Honorable and very much alive Judge Coleman was caught napping during City Clerk Eddie Meyers’ testimony.  Ware’s Attorney made a request of the judge with no reply. Then a second and third requests were made. Confused as to what to do, Ware’s legal team began reviewing the Rules for Civil Procedure to

Click to enlarge. Dupree Attorney Jim Dukes Naps during City Clerk Eddie Meyers testimony.
Click to enlarge. Dupree Attorney Jim Dukes naps during City Clerk Eddie Meyers testimony.

determine the proper legal method for waking a sleeping judge.   A bailiff rescued the court and woke Judge Coleman. Cheerfully he waved to the crowd, stood, and instructed the jury to stand as well. The courtroom burst into laughter and almost everyone stood and smiled, except for Mr. Dupree. Ware’s team could be heard after court discussing opportunities for opening sleep clinics around the state.

Court video is Below

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