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Sources Say Mayor Johnny Dupree Impeding Cleanup of Municipal Court: POLL: Is Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree a Liar?

Mayor Johnny Dupree Liar
Pants on Fire! The Mayor’s pants burst into flames after saying, “There is no corruption in our court system.” he went on to say “If people have concerns about our court, our court is fine,”

The Mayor told the press after Tuesday’s meeting, “If people have concerns about our court, our court is fine”.  DuPree went on to say,”I said it last week and I’ll say it again now. There’s no corruption in our court system.”

Mayor Dupree‘s pants then caught fire, and his belt could be seen some time later, hanging from a telephone wire. (See internal affairs report at bottom of page. Click on the little arrow in the top right of the document window to view it in full screen)

The city council’s letter to Mayor Johnny Dupree stated, “We requested results of the city’s internal investigation (attached), but instead received a report that sterilized the facts and minimized the impact of these employees’ actions, attributing much of it to poor job performance,” the letter stated.

Bradley went on to say in council session, “It’s a day that I can’t be surprised, because the court system is overseen by the police department, and they came to the administration last fall and said, ‘We have problems,’ and they asked for the ability to correct those problems and they were told that they could not,” Bradley said.

Unnamed sources tell the Hattiesburg Patriot that Chief Bolton wants to fire more people, but Mayor Johnny Dupree won’t let him. What is interesting is how the mayor wants to put the court’s problems under the police department, but it is Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree who appears to be impeding Chief Bolton’s handling of the matter and sanitizing the facts for the public. Based on information we have, the Hattiesburg Patriot FULLY supports Chief Bolton.

Citizens need to call the Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree‘s office and DEMAND that he let Chief Bolton do his job and clean up the court. Citizens should call 601-545-4500 and ask to speak to the Mayor, and demand Mayor Johnny Dupree step back and let justice be served. You can also call the $50,000 a year assistant to the mayor, John Brown, at his office at 601-545-4503 and/or his cell phone at 601-520-8502 to complain. If you see Chief Bolton, shake his hand and tell him “Thank you.”

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*UPDATE – People have asked John Brown if there were persons in the court who were practicing law without a license. Mr. Brown lied and said “No”.  It is clearly stated in the below report that people did act as prosecutors without a license. It appears that lying is a contagion, and that if you get to close to the Mayor you might catch it, but that’s why they get paid the “big bucks”.

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People involved in the below report are:  Anna Clark, Nicki Hampton, Rosaland Betts, and Sharon Mark



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