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Council Reads Unanimous Letter Strongly Admonishing Mayor Johnny Dupree’s Handling of the Municipal Court Scandal “MuniGate”

The Hattiesburg city council read a letter which strongly admonished Mayor Johnny Dupree for his lack of transparency in the municipal court scandal, and also his lack of action in the fall of 2011, when the problems were brought to his attention.  Mayor Dupree gave an interview to the press after the meeting which was hard to hear from our camera position. Basically, Mayor Dupree tried to spin the transparency and politics factor back on the council by claiming that since they sent a letter to the press, it was they who were playing politics and lacked transparency. However, he ignored my question asking him if the FBI came to his house. The Hattiesburg Patriot has been told by multiple sources that the FBI came to his house and took computer(s) and files. I called the Mayor Dupree‘s office earlier in the day to get a comment, but the Mayor did not return my call.

In the video below you will see three separate parts from two different meetings. The first segment is of myself at yesterday’s meeting letting the mayor know that citizens demand transparency, and that many felt he was playing politics. The second and third parts were from today’s (Tuesday, September 18th’s) meeting. The first part of Tuesday’s video contains a reading of the council’s letter to Mayor Dupree. This was done so it could be entered into the record. Supporters of Dupree will claim it was a political move, but the council obviously felt they needed to do this on the record, and let the citizens know they hear their voice. You know, government for the people; by the people?  The last part of the video is hard to hear, but in the end, you see him ignore my question twice asking, “Has the FBI been to your house?” Mr. Downtown John Brown was there to shut down the interview session. Nice transparency Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was literally thumbs up; smiling at the mayor during his comments. Mr. Brown should have been holding pom poms and adorning a XXXXL mini skirt. That would have completed the picture perfectly.

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