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Local Children’s Charity Director Arrested On Prostitution and Drug Charges

Michael garrett mugshot homes for hope Yesterday Michael Garrett, the director for Homes for Hope, was arrested for controlled substance and procuring prostitution. Garrett has been the director at the children’s home for sixteen years. Garrett was charged with procuring prostitution (Bond $1,000), possession of cocaine (Bond $3,000) , and possession of a controlled substance.(Bond $8,000).

Garrett describes himself on LinkedIn as, “a Christian of high moral and ethical character. [who] oversees the on-site management of the Homes of Hope for Children staff and property.”

According to the Hones for Hope Website, “Homes of Hope for Children aspires to be the first placement for disadvantaged boys and girls in need of safe, stable homes throughout the state of Mississippi. Your donations bring us one step closer to helping our kids reclaim their childhoods and to helping them succeed.”

Garrett describes himself as the primary point of contact for public and private agencies, media, foundations, businesses, civic clubs, and religious organizations. Garrett could not be reached for comment, as he was incarcerated while awaiting bond at the time of this publication.

Michael garrett arrested homes for hope



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