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Mishandled Assault Case Involving HPSD School Resource Officer Reopened, Set for Trial.

Initial response by Hattiesburg Municipal Court Clerk. Click to enlarge. “During a detailed search we are unable to find any record in our court system relating to a case relating to Telly Allen on or about 8/13/22 at the 4400 block of Hardy Street in Hattiesburg MS.”

On Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Hattiesburg Public School District Resource Officer Telly Allen will stand trial in Municipal Court for an alleged assault that took place at Crunch Fitness in August of 2022. Allen is accused of retrieving his firearm from his vehicle and putting the gun to a man’s head, while threatening his life. In an interview with HPNM, the victim stated that Allen threatened to, “blow my brains out.”

According to the victim, the disagreement stemmed from an online Facebook discussion related to Britney Griner. The official incident report is at the bottom of article. Some of those details are not in the incident report.

HPNM began investigating the case in late January after a tip was received that that Allen’s alleged assault might  have been mishandled. HPNM located the victim, who confirmed that:

(1) He never received a certified mail notice of the court date.

(2) He did not change his address.

(3) He never dropped the charges.

HPNM then confirmed that the case was turned over by HPD to the Municipal Court. HPNM then requested all court records related to the alleged assault. Municipal Court Clerk Melissa McIntyre responded to the request,

“During a detailed search we are unable to find any record in our court system relating to a case relating to Telly Allen on or about 8/13/22 at the 4400 block of Hardy Street in Hattiesburg MS.”

At the time of this response, Allen’s arrest was previously expunged, and no information would have been available to the court clerks.

The city was then informed by HPNM that a news story was going to be published to include Ms. McIntyre’s response on behalf of the city and a statement from the victim. The city then investigated the matter, and HPNM withheld the publication pending the outcome of the investigation. Upon completion, Hattiesburg Municipal Attorney Randy Pope emailed a response. In a telephone call, Pope described the matter as, “highly unusual.” Pope reached out to the Mississippi Ethics Commission for guidance on how to proceed once a “clerical error” had been identified. Pope also responded to a second HPNM records request for a list of any other cases discovered in the investigation which were found to have been mishandled, or which were reopened as a result. Allen’s was the only case, according to Pope.

HPSD Resource Officer Telly Allen

Mr. Allen’s is employed by the Hattiesburg Public School District Chief Latosha Myers-Mitchell. Chief Myers-Mitchell is a former lieutenant with the Hattiesburg Police Department. Prior to Allen’s employment with HPSD, he worked less than a handful of shifts with HPD before leaving.

According to the incident report (embedded below article), HPD Officer Hare documented that,

Victim Statement

“Telly exited the building just after he [redacted victim’s name] did and went to his vehicle. [redacted victim’s name] stated that Telly started walking back towards the building. Once Telly reached the building he turned around and started walking toward [redacted victim’s name]. [redacted victim’s name] stated that they exchanged a few words and this is when Telly pulled the gun. [redacted victim’s name] stated that Telly pointed the gun at his head.”

Witness One

“[redacted witnesses’ name] stated that he saw Telly pull [sic] out the gun and point [sic] it at [redacted victim’s name] head. Officer Hare asked if there were any cameras facing the direction of the incident. [redacted witnesses’ name] stated that there was not. Officer Hare gathered [redacted witnesses’ name] information and added this to this report.”

Witness Two

“Officer Hare spoke with another witness identified as [redacted witnesses’ name]. [redacted witnesses’ name] stated that she was in the parking lot talking to Magee when the incident occurred. [redacted witnesses’ name] stated that she witnessed Telly go into his truck but did not see what he grabbed. [redacted witnesses’ name] witnessed Telly walk toward them while they were talking and started having an argument with [redacted victim’s name]. [redacted witnesses’ name] stated that she witnessed Telly pull out the gun and point it at Magee’s head. [redacted witnesses’ name] stated that Telly was the primary aggressor in this incident.”

Telly Allen Statement as reported by Officer Hare

“Officer Hare spoke with Telly. Telly stated that they did have several arguments on social media. Telly stated that they did exchange words inside the building as well as outside in the parking lot. Telly did not have the gun on his person at this time. Telly stated that he did have a gun in his vehicle but he never pulled the gun out and pointed it at Magee. Officer Hare asked Telly where the gun was located. Telly advised Officer Hare that the
gun was in the glove box of his vehicle. Officer Hare then asked Telly if he could secure the gun for everybody’s safety. Telly agreed to this. Officer Hare made the gun safe as well as took photos of the gun and added the photos to this report.”

HPNM will be in court and will report courtroom details for Facebook subscribers after the trial.


Order Setting Aside Dismissal and Expungement



Incident Report



Response to Public Records Request by HPNM



Notice of Trial Setting

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