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Sheriff Billy McGee takes Plukey’s salary and divides it up among his inner circle, including his future son-in-law.

forrest county sheriffs office
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Sheriff Billy McGee has taken Charles “Plukey” Bolton’s salary and divided it among his inner circle. Bolton was paid just over $80,000 annually. He was recently convicted on 9 felonies stemming from fraudulent income tax return filings.

Sheriff McGee is reported to be grooming his future son in law, Nick Calico, to become the next candidate for Sheriff. Mr. Calico became engaged to McGee’s daughter on July 30th. It’s cleat the #ForrestCountySyndicate has a plan to continue the dynasty long after McGee is out of office. While Forrest County goes more in the hole financially, the #BillyClub inner circle gets massive raises. **This site has the best sources.

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