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Sheriff Billy McGee makes questionable, sworn statements in divorce filing against wife

Sheriff Billy McGee has filed from divorce and in the sworn document he claims the following in paragraph 6.

The Plaintiff would show unto the Court that he has done everything within his power to make a success of the marriage of the parties; and that has been a good and dutiful husband, and has performed each and every obligation placed upon him by virtue of his marital vows; but not withstanding this, the Defendant has given him just cause for divorce.

Count records in the mistress’ divorce proceedings indicate that the affair began in the fall of 2013.  The two have been seen publicly together as early as June 2014, when her divorce was final.  McGee even appeared in Chancery court in support of her when a judge ruled on January 16th that the mistress’ children could not be around the sheriff.

What’s interesting is that the date of the divorce filing is the day before the hearing involving the mistress’ children. What’s even more interesting is that a month after the filing, his wife has not been served with the filing; so no court date is even set. After four months, if his wife is not served, she could petition to dismiss the filing.

McGee’s grounds for divorce cites habitual cruel and unusual punishment on the part of his wife.



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