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Latest NewsStella Macabee school board appointee: "I am ready to...

Stella Macabee school board appointee: “I am ready to work. I am ready to serve”


Ms. Stella Macabee appeared before the city council today to assure officials she is ready to take on the job of Hattiesburg city school board trustee. Council members had a chance to meet with Ms. Macabee in the week prior, and it appears she will gain unanimous support from the council. Macabee assured the council she is up to the task, and there appeared an abundance of confidence on her behalf. The Hattiesburg Patriot had an opportunity to speak with Ms. Macabee after the meeting. When asked if she would work with elected officials in the future on budget requests she nodded and confirmed that she would be willing.

Mr. Fred Burns and Eleanor Harris were not reappointed in the spring for a lack of majority, as required by Robert’s Rules of Order. Council voted 2-2 of their reappointment vote. Councilman Dave Ware was not present for the Burns /Harris vote. It is speculated that Ware will run for mayor, and that he was out of town to avoid the controversial vote.  Following the vote Forrest county NAACP president Clarence McGee, Rev. Charles Bartley, and Glenda Funchess of the Mississippi Center for Legal Services pulled the race card, accusing white council members of having a “plantation mentality”. Ms. Stella Macabee is African-American.

[FMP width=”500″ height=”281″]/wp-content/Video/Edited-Council-Video/08/stella_macabee.240p.flv[/FMP]

UPDATE! Councilman Kim Bradley Hattiesburg and NAACP President Clarence McGee were caught celebrating Mrs. Macabee’s most certain, unanimous appointment.

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