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GovernmentForrest CountySupervisor Burkett Ross $16,230 and three years behind on...

Supervisor Burkett Ross $16,230 and three years behind on property taxes.


Forrest County Supervisor Burkett Ross is three years and $16,230 behind on his property taxes for two buildings he owns. Both buildings are located at 908 Main Street in Petal Mississippi. According to tax records Ross owes the following back taxes:

Old Southern Lanes Building:

  • 2018 – $3891.50
  • 2017 – $1739.21
  • 2016 – $4191.21

Total – $9821.92

Old Skating Rink Building:

  • 2018 – $1240.25
  • 2017 – $1663.33
  • 2016 – $3505.44

Total –  $6409.02

Ross must pay his taxes for 2016, which total $7196.55, in full to avoid losing the properties at a tax sale. If his 2018 taxes are sold at a tax sale before he pays his 2016 taxes he could lose the properties altogether. 

Ross, along with others affected by the 2017 tornado received a reduction in their property taxes for 2017. This is why those tax years are much lower than 2016 and 2018.

Below are the tax records from Forrest County Chancery Court.

Bowling Alley



Skating Rink


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