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Know Your Child’s Reading Score

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MDE Launches “Know Your Child’s Reading Score” Campaign to Support K-3 Parents/Guardians

The Mississippi Department of Education announces the launch of a vital new campaign, “Know Your Child’s Reading Score.” This initiative aims to empower parents and guardians of kindergarten through third-grade students with essential information about their child’s reading ability, along with the range of supports available through school districts and schools.

All parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the newly launched Know Your Child’s Reading Score website at strongreadersms.com/reading-score/ to explore valuable information about screener letters and discover a wealth of parental resources designed to support and enhance their child’s reading skills.

By accessing these resources, parents and guardians can gain insights into their child’s reading progress, learn about effective strategies to foster literacy at home, and become better equipped to collaborate with educators in nurturing their child’s growth as confident and proficient readers.

Stay informed and engaged with all MDE news releases by visiting mdek12.org/news.

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