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Water Outage Notice for North 28th Avenue Corridor


Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Around 11 a.m. on Friday, September 9, a contractor working on the 28th Avenue bridge construction project hit a 20-inch water main.

City crews have identified the immediate impact area and are working with the contractor to repair the break. Until it is repaired, homes and businesses in the following areas will be without water service for up to 24 hours:

  • North 28th Avenue, between Sims Road and West 7th Street
  • Service Drive, between McClain Drive and West 4th Street
  • North 26th Avenue, between Hwy 42 and Hwy 49
  • North 26th Avenue, 6000 block extending south to West 4th Street

*Some homes and businesses are not included in the mapped boundaries and are not affected by the service outage due to where the water lines are located.

If water service to a home or business is restored earlier than expected, water customers in this area are encouraged to boil water for consumption before use. This is a precautionary measure.

Per compliance with health department standards, samples will be taken from the impacted area to ensure water quality. An update will be shared once the results are in from the samples collected. Water department officials anticipate receiving the results within 24 hours after water is restored.

Flyers are being distributed to the homes and businesses in the area this afternoon. Updates will continue to be shared as they are received from the water department.

Should residents need additional information or updates, please visit hattiesburgms.com/news or facebook.com/cityofhattiesburg.


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