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20 Years of Spirit of Women

Why does Spirit of Women matter?

Because you matter. As more than 8,000 members of all ages have come to understand, taking care of yourself, first and foremost, will ensure that those you love and are responsible for will be taken care of, as well.

As Spirit of Women celebrates 20 years, women of the Pine Belt have come to count on the Forrest Health program as a resource to keep them in the know on the latest in healthcare, not just for themselves, but for those who count on you to take care of them, look after them, whether it be family, friends, or a pet.

Spirit of Women is about taking action for women and their health, because they take care of everybody else. If they don’t stay healthy, then who is going to care of the rest of the family? Females understand juggling so many different aspects of life. If a female has a profession or is a stay-at-home mom, whatever her chosen path in life, she is juggling so many more things. If she works, she comes homes and is responsible for the meal, getting kids taken care of, picked up at school, their social events, plus trying to be a volunteer and be a part of the community.

Each year programs are customized to meet the needs of today’s women and their families, providing health education events and health screenings in a fun and entertaining way that we call “health-u-tainment.” Great guest speakers provide the entertainment on topics ranging from gardening to home decorating, while experts from Forrest Health relay important health care information covering all stages of a woman’s life.

Forrest Health Vice President, Millie Swan, said she loves that SOW stresses that women take care of themselves, but also do something for laughter, thus the health-u-tainment. “I always say, ‘What woman wants to go hear a lecture about having a hysterectomy? It’s not what she wants to talk about. But if you can remind her to have her mammogram, colonoscopy, go and schedule her health checkups, in addition to her family, then we’ve put somebody on the right track.”

Spirit of Women doesn’t discriminate against age, which is a big draw. It is relevant to women of all ages, in all stages of their life.

“There’s wisdom in every season of life. You are always learning, looking back, and reflecting, moving forward,” Swan

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