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Air Fryer Steak Tips

Serve your family steak any night of the week with these juice and delicious air fryer steak tips.

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My family loves steak, but it’s not always possible to fit a steak dinner for four into my grocery budget. That’s why I love preparing these seasoned steak tips. When served with a few sides, my family gets the flavor of steak that they crave without carving a huge chunk out of my grocery budget. Another plus: These are prepared in the air fryer, so we can have steak any night of the week — even on busy weeknights.

Table of Contents hide What are steak tips?

Steak tips are cubed beef cut from sirloin, the part of the cow just under the ribs and in front of the hip. They are not the same as beef tips, which usually come from cheaper cuts of meat such as chuck. Sirloin is leaner and more tender than chuck, which works well for dishes that do not require long cooking times to break down the muscle fibers.

Best cut of beef for steak tips

I wanted to keep this recipe relatively budget-friendly, so I selected a round round tip roast, also known as sirloin tip roast. Depending on where

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