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Apple Dapple Cake

Old fashioned apple dapple cake is “dappled” fresh diced apples and pecans. It’s baked until golden brown and topped with warm caramel sauce.

overhead shot of two sliced on apple dapple cake with ice cream on white plates with sliced cake on a pedestal to the side

Now that fall is upon us, everyone is going crazy over pumpkin. I’ll be honest, with the exception of a few tried-and-true pumpkin recipes, it’s not my favorite seasonal fruit. I decided instead to dive into apples. Whether you like sweet or tangy, I can get way more excited about these crunchy, juicy little gems.

What is an Apple Dapple Cake?

I think it has a fun, cheerful name, don’t you? It would be hard to stay in a bad mood after trying to say the words “apple dapple” five times fast. I don’t know who came up with this creative name, but it’s named so because apple pieces are dappled throughout the cake. The ingredients also include chopped pecans, warm fall spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and a sugary sweet caramel sauce thats poured over the cake while

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