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Deviled Ham Spread

Looking for a few ideas to use up a leftover holiday ham? Whip up a batch of creamy deviled ham spread. From sandwiches to snacks, you’ll find a variety of ways to use this versatile, low carb ham salad.

It’s inevitable … whenever I bake a glazed smoked ham for dinner, no matter what size I purchase, I always end up with a ton of leftover ham. I can usually get away with serving sliced ham for dinner a second time and offering ham sandwiches for lunch. After that, I’ve got to get creative or risk throwing the ham leftovers out. Thankfully, I have a few recipes in my arsenal to pick from, like this easy ham salad recipe.

Table of Contents hide Why is deviled ham called deviled ham?

I remember vividly the time my sweet son, who was four years old at the time, earnestly asked me if he would get in trouble for eating devil eggs. I assured him that eating one of his favorite appetizers was not a sin. It simply refers to seasoning a dish with hot spices. If you are a spicy food wimp like I am, don’t worry. While there is a bit of hot sauce and cayenne pepper in this deviled ham recipe, it won’t knock your socks off.

Ingredients and tools you will need to make ham salad spread

You’ll love this great ham salad recipe not only because it tastes delicious and you can whip

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