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Grilling Steaks on a Pellet Grill

Learn the technique for grilling steaks on a pellet grill perfectly every time! From juicy ribeyes to tender filets, this mouthwatering steak recipe will help you achieve restaurant-quality results. 

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Early last year, my husband decided he wanted to purchase a new grill. Our charcoal grill, which was a wedding gift, was pushing 16 years and had seen better days. After doing some research and asking for recommendations, he decided to purchase a pellet grill. 

One of our favorite foods to prepare on our Traeger grill is steak. We start by grilling steaks on a pellet grill at a low temperature until they reach our desired internal temperature on a meat thermometer. Then we pull them off and use a technique called reverse sear to achieve that desirable brown crust on both sides. The first time we cut into a pair of juicy steaks to reveal that perfect red center, I knew from then on we would only cook steak on a Traeger.

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The term searing as it relates to

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