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Ham with Coca Cola Glaze

Baked ham with a Coca-Cola glaze is a savory-sweet twist on a classic favorite. Discover how to create this incredible ham to serve at your next special occasion.

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When it comes to holiday dinners or special gatherings, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of a perfectly glazed ham wafting through the air. And what better way to infuse that ham with sweetness and depth of flavor than with the magic of a sticky and sweet Coca Cola glaze?

Table of Contents hide Choosing the best cut of meat for glazed ham

Ham originates from the hind legs and thigh region of a pig, presenting as a substantial portion of meat. Due to its size, most retail grocery stores offer it in halves. Typically, commercial hams are fully cooked ham. If you seek a fresh ham that is uncooked, exploring local farmers in your vicinity might yield better options.

Hams are available boneless or bone-in, with three primary cuts being the butt end, ham shank, and center slice.

The butt or sirloin end, derived from the upper leg, contains the femur and pelvic bones, often referred to as the aitch. While slightly pricier, this cut boasts leanness, tenderness, and enhanced flavor, albeit requiring careful carving around the bones. The shank,

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