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Let’s Eat, Mississippi: Get that “first sip” feeling from Mississippi coffee roasters

  • You can get locally and freshly roasted and ground coffee from right here in Mississippi.

Nothing hits quite like that first sip of coffee in the morning. The grogginess of the night slowly slithers off, the birds seem to chirp more cheerfully, and for a moment, you just savor the flavor and aroma, hitting the pause button on the busy day ahead. Maybe you’re a bold coffee drinker, medium roast, espresso fiend, or maybe you use coffee as an excuse to drink creamer (ahem). Either way, you know you want your coffee to hit just right each day. 

Firing up the coffeemaker each morning is as ritualistic as brushing your teeth or changing out of your pajamas. Coffee is often at the top of the grocery list, in my case, circled and highlighted so as not to forget. But did you know you’re not stuck with the coffee at the grocery store? You can get locally and freshly roasted and ground coffee from right here in Mississippi, with various Mississippi-based coffee roasters. 

Your morning boost can boost Mississippi business

When you buy coffee in the grocery store, whether you’re buying grounds or whole beans, it has been commercially roasted in a big factory, transported to the store, and sat on the shelf for however long. You’re losing freshness, and if you buy from a smaller company but still at this store, you’re paying a hefty price for that cup of joe!

Here’s a list of Mississippi-based roasters that will deliver coffee right to your front door, that is fresh, sustainable, and with flavor and prices that can’t be beat. 

High Point Roasters in New Albany, Mississippi, has been in the roasting game for 20 years. High Point serves restaurants, your coffee pot, and everything in between. Whether you like a single-origin coffee, a blend, a flavored coffee, or even skipping the extra jolt and getting something decaf, you can get it through High Point. 

Clockwork Coffee Company is a humble home-roasting in Pinola, Mississippi. Bryce Doyal and his wife Ashley roast coffee beans in their home roastery. The Doyal family’s business has grown to include single origin and blends, and they also offer seasonal blends. Clockwork Coffee Company allows you to order from their website and get their coffee directly to your front door. 

Manuscript Coffee, based in Laurel, Mississippi, is for coffee lovers who don’t want to think too much about getting their coffee– you can set up a subscription! In their own words, Manuscript Coffee is for coffee lovers and storytellers: “Manuscript Coffee is a collective of passionate coffee lovers from South Mississippi. We’re committed to sourcing and roasting amazing specialty coffees, telling the story of those growing it, and sharing with folks writing stories of their own.”

Thunderhead Coffee is an online coffee company based in Flowood, Mississippi. Known locally as The Mississippi Coffee Company, the team at Thunderhead represents over 20 years of coffee roasting experience. There are many espressos, blends, single origins, and fair-trade organic coffees, many of which are Fair-Trade Organic. This means supporting the coffee industry on the farm level. “We know the passionate and dedicated traders that purchase our coffees directly from the farms and we also purchase directly from farms.  We have sampled coffees with farm owners.  Since most coffees around the world come from stark poor environments, our goal is help by buying as directly as possible.”

Beanfruit Coffee Company is an award-winning coffee company based in Jackson, Mississippi. You can find Beanfruit in coffee shops and restaurants, and it’s available to order so you can have it delivered to your home. There are several subscription options, and the website is loaded with tips, tricks, how-tos and brewing information to help you knock your morning cup of joe out of the park. Your coffee at Beanfruit is also ethically sourced, as Beanfruit is currently the only fair-trade organic roaster in the state and a member of the Rainforest Alliance. 

Backwoods Grind Coffee Company is a group of four South Mississippi guys who just decided they were sick of stale grocery store coffee. Outdoorsmen at heart, they wanted to roast a coffee that would give them the go-go for the outdoor life. If you’re looking for a fresh coffee that you can grind at home or have delivered ground, you’re in luck with Backwoods. As avid outdoorsmen, the folks at Backwoods Grind Coffee company also contribute to several conservation efforts, so each sip you take contributes to preserve the environment. 

Velvet Ditch Coffee is an Oxford-based roastery that Susan Marquez wrote an article about for Magnolia Tribune last fall. 

These are just a few of the fantastic Mississippi-based coffee roasters. For more information about Mississippi-based coffee or other local products, visit the Genuine Mississippi website

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