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Let’s Eat, Mississippi: Shivers Creek Fish House

  • Serving up award-winning Mississippi catfish and seafood with a side of hospitality.

If there’s a better meal than a plate of fried catfish with turnip greens, slaw, and hushpuppies, then Mississippi folks haven’t gotten the memo yet. There is just something so special, so warm, so Mississippi about heading down to the fish house for deliciously breaded and fried catfish, either fileted or whole, with all the fixins’.

A fish house, historically, is a business located on the water’s edge to process and sell the fishermen’s catches. But in Mississippi, “the fish house” is a Mecca, where loyal followers of Mississippi farm-raised catfish make their weekly pilgrimage for the Thursday night all-you-can-eat fried catfish special.

And for many, that pilgrimage takes them to the award-winning Shivers Creek Fish House. 

Shivers Creek Fish House got its start at the Simpson County location. 

“We’ve got a Pinola address, but we’re in the Shivers community,” said Shivers Creek owner Dustin Malley. “That’s our original location, and we’re also on Highway 27 in Crystal Springs.” 

Folks who visit the Crystal Springs location know the building well. For years, it was the home of Sudie’s Fish House. There’s also the Shivers Creek Express location in Star with the ability to cater statewide. 

People who are dedicated Shivers Creek fans keep coming back for more of their favorites.

“I’m pretty picky about catfish, and I’ve never had it taste too muddy or fishy from there. The filets are always thin and crispy,” said Dana Shivers (no relation; the restaurant is named after the community). 

When asked about her favorite, Brenda McAlpin of McLaurin said, “Definitely (their) turnip greens and the catfish is good, too.” 

Mississippi food made the Mississippi Way

Malley said that Shivers Creek Fish House uses as many Mississippi-based products as possible.

“We have Mississippi Farm-Raised catfish, which is never frozen,” said Malley. “And we use Mississippi Gulf Coast seafood as well. We get our oysters delivered on Wednesday and served on Thursday. We serve as fresh as possible.” 

Malley said what sets his food apart is the care they take to make the best food possible.

“We make everything from scratch. All of our sauces are made from scratch. Our potatoes are fresh potatoes, hand cut. There’s nothing left that’s frozen on the menu,” said Malley.“Everything is made from scratch and freshly made in-house with quality ingredients.”

Shivers Creek Fish House has amassed an impressive collection of awards for its catfish and seafood, garnering attention from all over the state. 

They’ve won Mississippi Magazine’s Best of Mississippi Best Catfish for the past three years,  and in 2021, Shivers Creek Fish House won WLBT’s Catfish Clash. 

Shivers Creek Fish House is a recognized spot on the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish 100% American Catfish Trail and the Mississippi Seafood Trail.

They’ve even hit the Mississippi Magazine “M List” for Top Five Most Kid-Friendly Restuarant in Mississippi. 

“That one was special because it’s not like we do anything really unique,” said Malley. “We just address the kids like we’d address the adults and treat everyone with hospitality.” 

The hospitality is as prized as the Mississippi farm-raised catfish. When you’re sitting down for dinner at one of Shivers Creek’s locations, you’re sitting in an environment that feels like you’re being served dinner with your family. Hospitality and high quality keep people coming back for more each and every time the doors open. 

Though Shivers Creek Fish House is known for its hospitality and exceptional dishes, the restaurant is building a budding reputation as a major benefactor in the state. A quick scroll through the restaurant’s Facebook page doesn’t just feature pictures of the food, but of the dozens of community outreach and benefits Shivers Creek has participated in. 

Malley, who also serves as a volunteer firefighter in Star, said he’s constantly looking for ways to give back to the community, such as a recent fundraiser for the Star Volunteer Fire Department. 

“We’ve also done benefits for people in the community, and we’ve participated in fundraisers, like for Camp Kamassa,” said Malley. 

Camp Kamassa is a camp for children and adults with special needs being built in Crystal Springs. According to the website, It will be operational in the summer of 2025. 

Malley said that he tries to source locally made products with a cause to benefit those small business owners. The restaurant owner added that buying these local products gives the fish house a sense of pride and excellence.  

“We have great products in the community, like the coffee from Clockwork Coffee Company (a local coffee roaster in Pinola),” said Malley. “ We could get any regular coffee from U. S. Foods or Cisco, and we might get it half the price, but it’s not as good. We don’t know where it came from. We don’t know where that money’s going. We don’t know how they made it, but nobody’s proud of the product. There’s not a brand to stand behind it. These local business owners make great products, and they are proud of them and stand behind them.” 

Shivers Creek Fish House carries bags of coffee and brews them for order within the restaurant. By supporting Clockwork Coffee Company, Malley is supporting the roaster’s cause. The Doyals originally started their business to help fund therapy for their son with autism.

The fish house is also a supporter of Extra Table, a partnership of programs, restaurants, businesses, and charities that was started by Robert St. John in 2009 to stock local food pantries with healthy, shelf-stable foods.  

When you’re piling your plate high with Shivers Creek catfish, you’re eating catfish for a cause. The cause cancels calories, does it not? 

For award-winning catfish with high-quality, Mississippi-based products and a level of friendliness that gave The Hospitality State her name, visit Shivers Creek Fish House at the Pinola, Crystal Springs, or Express location. Find out more at ShiversCreek.com.

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