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Masters Pimento Cheese

You don’t have to be a golf lover to enjoy a delicious pimento cheese sandwich just like the ones served during Masters Week. With two types of cheese, cream cheese and pimentos, it’s a taste of the Masters in every bite.

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If you’re ever visiting the South and offered something called pimentacheese, don’t be alarmed. More than likely, they’re referring to the Southern staple known as pimento cheese, one of the few dishes I know of that can be served alongside fancy crackers at a wedding reception or smooshed between two slices of white bread for an ideal little treat for lunch. Everyone has their favorite pimento cheese recipe, but the most famous pimento cheese sandwich is served at the Masters Tournament, a nationally recognized professional golf tournament held every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

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The iconic sandwich dates all the way back to the late-1940s. Husband and wife Hodges and Ola Herndon, who oversaw the concessions at the tournament, made the sandwiches in their home kitchen before transporting them to the tournament. Back then, the sandwiches sold for a quarter a piece. Unbelievably, low prices have only increased marginally

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