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Royal Reds over Linguine

plate of royal red shrimp with cherry tomatoes over linguine

Royal red shrimp are the star of Southern seafood. Serve these royal reds over a bed of tender linguine tossed in spicy garlic butter sauce.

two plates of royal red shrimp and cherry tomatoes garnished with fresh basil and parmesan cheese

The best shrimp come from the Gulf of Mexico. You will never convince me otherwise. And the best of the best shrimp are royal reds. The Husband and I feel so strongly about this, we love royal red shrimp so much, that we make a point to put aside money every year to purchase as many pounds of royal red shrimp as we can afford during our annual beach trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast. Yes, they are that good.

What are royal red shrimp?

We’ve already established that royal reds are a type of shrimp. But why are they so sought after and how are they different from the shrimp you purchase at the

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