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Smash Burger Sauce

Get ready to transform your burger game with a smash burger sauce that’s as unforgettable as the burger itself.

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My oldest son is obsessed with bacon cheeseburgers. When my family went to Disney World a few years ago, he literally ate his way across the entire park in cheeseburgers. Since purchasing our Blackstone griddle last year, we’ve delved into the phenomenon that is the smash burger.  There are a lot of factors that go into making a delicious burger — a slice of American cheese, your favorite toppings, lightly toasted hamburger buns. But burger lovers everywhere know that the magic of a smash burger lies not just in its crisp edges and juicy center, but also in the special sauce that ties it all together. This amazing sauce tastes just like the secret sauce found at your favorite burger joint.

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A smash burger is a method of cooking ground beef on a hot griddle over high heat. A loosely formed burger patty is placed directly on the hot surface, then flattened by smashing it into the very hot griddle. We use a cast iron burger press to do this, but any heavy object with a flat surface, like a large skillet, will

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