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To Trick or Treat?


Are you ho ho ho-ping to make quick work of finding the perfect Christmas gifts for those on your list this year, naughty or nice? If you go in search of the hottest gifts, you’ll find everything from the 80 best gifts for women to the top 57 for men, the trendiest, one-of-a-kind, 62 thoughtful ideas, the most meaningful, coolest, luxurious, inexpensive, unique gifts for people in certain age brackets, and for the person who seemingly has everything.

Now, you’ve got a bigger problem; you’ve got to categorize the person you’re buying for. But even more so than that, many of these sites suggest you should have started shopping for this year’s holiday season at the end of the summer. For those in south Mississippi, that runs right up until Thanksgiving or Christmas, so you’ve still got time. For those in other locales that have true seasons, you’re already behind.

You can’t purchase a gift for a loved one that screams of doing housework, like a vacuum or an iron. Well, you can, but that would be insulting and wouldn’t be advisable. And yes, there are those who ask for such gifts. Opt for a different direction. If you want, give them what they ask for, but also put something unexpected with it for a nice surprise. You can’t buy another pair of socks, underwear, or a tie for the dude on your list. Those gifts aren’t exciting. And we haven’t even thought about the kids who will change their wish list just about as many times as a commercial for some new-finagled gadget that comes on the television. But if you don’t purchase enough in advance, then there are none of this year’s trendiest, most in-demand toys to be found.

So, we’re doing you a favor. We’ve perused a multitude of these lists and come up with a nice collection for consideration. Many of these items appeared more than once, so they definitely made the list.

If none of these work for you, then you’re on your own. The jolly guy in the red suit with the white beard might be of service to you.

You’ve heard of Book of the Month Clubs. Well, for Christmas, how about a subscription to another kind of club of the month. There are plenty to choose from and you get a gift every month for a year (the gift that keeps on giving). That is, unless you go the cheap route and only sign up for three months. Check this list of monthly subscriptions which could be for almost anybody: Chocolate, Cake, Cheese, Pizza, Bacon, Hot Sauce, Coffee, Ice Cream, Sirloin, Jerky, BBQ Sauce, Bulb, Puzzle, Dessert, Whiskey Bottle, Board Game, Socks, or Necktie.

For the golfer on your list, how about custom accessories, from golf-ball markers to a personalized golf score book, or golf club covers. Really want to make a hole in one? How about golf lessons with a PGA pro or maybe tickets to a practice round at Augusta National next spring.

Have a grill master among the ranks? What about a fancy, personalized grilling set, leather apron, or a personalized cutting board? And sign him up for the Steak of the Month Club.

For the outdoorsman, consider special fishing lures by his favorite angler, camping/fishing equipment, a portable campfire, a collapsible cooler, a rechargeable hand warmer for those chilly days in the duck blind or a deer stand, a nice backpack, or add to his camping gear wish list.

Does your guy have a Man Cave? If so, what about a custom neon sign for his cave wall, a new recliner with a massage mechanism, or perhaps a tabletop fireplace. There’s also a really big screen TV or what about a surround sound system.

And then there are those unique gifts such as a Bluetooth shower speaker, LED flashlight gloves, or if you really want to spice things up, a DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit. How about a luxurious robe, a personalized corn hole game, a monogrammed garment bag for when he travels, custom fingerprint cufflinks, an engraved pocket watch with watch box; a DNA ancestry kit or a wireless charger and outdoor speakers.

So, that’s probably enough for the guys. Really, the only gift they want is to be left alone to do their own thing, right?

For the woman on the list, why not get the kids together and have a special photo made, a custom line drawing from an existing photo, or take them to a business where they do fingerprint jewelry and have charms made. Heck, why not include the dog too! Oftentimes, mom probably likes the dog more than the rest of the family.

Want to win husband of the year? Send her to a spa for the day or a weekend. Better yet, get the husbands of her girlfriends to do the same and send them all together for a fun girl’s day or weekend trip. Or, if that’s a little too over the top, give her a mani/pedi gift card, then let her come home to some peace and quiet where she can enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub with a fabulous bath bomb to provide a soothing fragrance, candles, a glass of wine, soft music, and a luxurious robe. There are mask of the month club subscriptions available that will send a variety of masks each month. Not the kind we’ve been wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but masks to make her skin ever more beautiful.

Comfortable lounge/sleep wear is also a nice personal choice. And what about a cooling weighted blanket? They have become quite popular as of late. If she’s an avid reader, why not purchase an electronic reader like a Kindle or Nook, so she can download and read books electronically.

Does she have a green thumb? How about gifting her with a bonsai tree she can give shape to as it grows. Or if she’s a flower person, give her a floral bouquet subscription. There’s nothing like fresh flowers in the house all year long.

Is she a purse person? A leather crossbody bag might be a nice touch or a custom makeup bag with a set of exquisite brushes, and her favorite fragrance. If a businesswoman, a nice laptop bag for travel might be a welcome surprise.

In the technology field, what about some Airpods, a Bluetooth sleep mask, a 3-in-1 Apple charging station, or an Apple air tag.

Does she like to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise? What about those running shoes she’s had her eye on paired with some new workout clothes, some running gloves, and a fun sweatshirt.

If you can’t gift her the stars, what about a Celestial Constellation necklace or some earrings that feature her birthstone, the birthstones or fingerprints of your children or her favorite gem. And there are monthly jewelry subscriptions available.

Does she like to journal? Give her a set of leather bound journals and a nice fountain pen.

Does she have a special collection – porcelain, crystal, silver? If so, add a special piece to it.

And if all else fails, jewelry – any type of sparkly bauble will work just fine.

And when it comes to the children, if it’s featured on a television commercial, in a magazine ad, or their friends have one, that’s what they want. Or, just go into any stores that feature the latest toys and electronics and you’re set.

Maybe you’re thinking of a family gift. Why not load the kids up and take off to some fun location for a few days. Live where it’s warm and sunny most of the year? Then head to the mountains for snowball fights and hot chocolate.  Live where it’s cold? Then head to the beach for sand and umbrella drinks. Or hide the phones and other technological marvels and just enjoy quality time together at home watching Christmas movies, eating popcorn. It’s being together that counts.

But we all know the best gift of all can’t be purchased at a store and wrapped with ribbons and bows. Maybe Dr. Seuss said it best in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, “It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

At Forrest Health, we hope that you and yours appreciate the gift of good health through the holiday season and the coming new year.

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