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Hell Hath Frozen! Hattiesburg Council President Kim Bradley and Forrest County NAACP President Clarence McGee have kissed and made up!

Hattiesburg City Council President Forrest County NAACP President Clarence McGee

African-American Stella Macabee is expected to be a shoe-in for approval to the Hattiesburg City School Board. Mrs. Macabee said she would work with the Hattiesburg City Council, should tax increases for the school district’s general fund become needed in the future. Eleanor Harris and Fred Burns were not reappointed because they raised taxes and […]

POLL: Should Mayor Johnny Dupree rebuke the racially insensitive statements made against our white council members?

Mayor johnny dupree Hattiesburg

Racism paid for by taxpayers. Well if the comments made by attorney Glenda Funchess weren’t bad enough, the Hattiesburg Patriot has discovered that she is employed by the Mississippi Center For Legal Services a group funded by TAXPAYERS! So taxpayers are paying for the insults. [poll id=”3″] Glenda Funchess calling our government “Plantation Style” NAACP […]

CPAC sent PACking; no majority-minority ward created. Forrest County NAACP request new “honkie” jokes.

Clarence McGee Hattiesburg Forrest County NAACP

Today the Hattiesburg city council voted to adopt a modification of the original plan proposed by consulting firm Briggs and Watson. The majority voters were Council President Kim Bradley, Council Vice President Dave Ware, and Carter Carroll. Deborah Delgado voted for CPAC, which now stands for, “we will C you PAC that ridiculous plan up”. […]

More racial attacks against white city council members by Glenda Funchess: Garmon challenges Mayor Johnny Dupree to reject insensitive remarks.

Glenda Funchess Racist two bit attorney

In what has become a recurring theme with the Forrest county NAACP and its close supporters, racially insensitive attacks are launched from the podium of the citizen’s forum at white council members. Members of the NAACP and its leadership have made numerous, racially insensitive comments calling white city councilman “plantation managers” and having “plantation mentalities” […]