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10 unusual bills proposed in Mississippi’s 2024 legislative session

The legislative session is in full swing in Mississippi, and as always, lawmakers have proposed a handful of somewhat unusual bills. Here’s a list of 10 that grabbed our attention.

Name the official state horse

A single piece of legislature proposing that the American Quarter Horse be named the state’s official state horse has been filed in the legislature by Sen. Rod Hickman, D-Macon. According to Senate Bill 2142, the American Quarter Horse “is well-suited for the intricate and quick maneuvers required for rodeo events.” The breed is currently ranked the most popular type of horse in the nation, as it is known as being the fastest in the world with a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour.

Establish a state color

Mississippi might soon have an official state color if House Bill 699 is passed. Rep. Greg Holloway, D-Hazlehurst, proposes making “the color blue as the state color of Mississippi.” In previous years, Mississippi has been identified using the colors red, gold, white, and blue, which are included in the state flag. With HB 699, the state’s official color would be officially declared and identified with blue.

Allow firework sales year-round

One lawmaker is looking to implement a handful of bills focused on the sale of fireworks, with HB 788 allowing fireworks to be sold year-round. The bill, authored by Rep. Steve Horne, R-Meridian, also outlines several regulations prohibiting those under the age of 12 from purchasing fireworks, as well as declares it unlawful to ignite or discharge fireworks within 600 feet of churches, hospitals, and schools. It would also be unlawful to light fireworks 75 feet from where they are sold or stored.

Two additional bills would require for the sale of fireworks to be located within a permanent structure instead of a temporary stand, with HB 792 specifying further regulations for fireworks being sold at wholesale and retail. HB 609 includes wording from both bills, stating that fireworks will be available for purchase year-round and be sold at a permanent building.

Prevent employers from forcing human microchip implantation

Sen. Kevin Blackwell, R-Southaven, is looking to get ahead

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