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‘About the Music’: Women Lead Panel and Showcase at Jackson Indie Music Week  

JACKSON, Miss.—Maranda Joiner was an intern at 99 Jams WJMI, filing CDs in the trash, when host Mailman asked her to record a commercial. Once she entered the production room at the radio station, he presented her with a script wherein she had to pretend she was whispering in her boyfriend’s ear about strippers coming to town.

“He closed the door and closed me in a little dark room to record this commercial to read into the Adobe network that was currently running the wave in front of me, and I cut the commercial,” Joiner said. “He would invite me to sit in on the morning show. I didn’t have a name. He just called me, ‘The Intern,’ and that was fun times.”

Maranda Joiner got her start in the entertainment industry with an internship at 99 Jams WJMI, cutting a commercial that eventually led to sit-ins on the morning show and then a part-time radio host job. Photo courtesy Maranda Joiner

Eventually, one of the weekend jocks quit, and Stan Branson asked Joiner if she wanted the job. She accepted it, starting part-time and later expanding her role to full-time as she built a 14-year career in radio. Working in that creative space allowed her to be around various creatives and artists, she said.

Joiner went on to start on an open mic called Synergy Nights, and she currently also works as a brand consultant, author, speaker and the co-founder and CEO of Succeed and Elevate, a nonprofit that helps small entrepreneurs overcome burnout.

Maranda Joiner sat as one of four panelists for “Many Moons,” an all-women panel and music showcase for Jackson Indie Music Week on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at Soule Coffee + Bubbletea (2943 Old Canton Road, Suite E, Jackson). Peggy Brown, Jasmine Williams and Stephanie Luckett joined Joiner for the discussion.

‘I Just Keep Going’

Peggy Brown said she thinks the music industry chose her, as she entered it late in life. Through her years, she became increasingly interested in live music, particularly the blues, which is one of her favorite genres behind R&B.

With her

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