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Are you following news around the welfare scandal in Mississippi?

Four years ago, investigative reporter Anna Wolfe began uncovering a scheme that the state auditor eventually called the largest public embezzlement case in the state’s history. State officials channeled tens of millions in welfare dollars on behalf of politically-connected individuals and ventures, among them pro sports players, nonprofit executives, a former governor and more.

Despite officials keeping them under wraps for over two years, Mississippi Today finally exposed text messages between former Gov. Phil Bryant and former NFL legend Brett Favre, revealing new depth to their involvement that the public would not have known otherwise. More than two years in, it’s not clear who will face accountability (no additional figures have been arrested since February 2020), or where the investigations might go from here.

We’d like to hear what you think of all this, what questions you have and where you’d like to see us probe further. 

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on Mississippi’s welfare scandal:

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