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Delta State University Budget Cuts Could Leave Some Employees Looking for Jobs

Several Delta State University faculty and staff may lose jobs after University president Dan Ennis announced $3 million in budget cuts for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year.

Since last year, the president has argued for the need to reduce DSU’s spending.

“For too long, Delta State’s enrollment has declined while the university’s expenditures have increased,” Ennis said in a message on the university’s website last September. “As a consequence, the institution has operated under a budget deficit, and that deficit has consumed our financial reserves.”

In a letter to the university on May 13 , Ennis outlined a “restructured budget” that included recommendations from the university’s Ad Hoc Committee on Budget Sustainability to reduce “$250,000 from Executive, Administrative, and Managerial salaries or Professional Non-Faculty salaries along with corresponding fringe benefits from the adjusted FY24 budget” and “$500,000 from Executive, Administrative, and Managerial salaries and Professional Non-Faculty salaries each, along with corresponding fringe benefits from the FY25 budget.”

The university will cut retirement incentives, remove vacant positions and cut 10 positions in the student affairs department. Delta State will also eliminate its vice president for executive affairs and chief of staff positions by not filling vacancies prior occupants left behind. The university will also cut its dean positions for Graduate Studies, Library Services and the College of Arts and Sciences. Ennis plans to reduce department and division chairs, administrative support staff, the career services office, the housing and residence life office, and the student life office.

“Per university and IHL policy, all tenured and tenure-track faculty will receive a contract for

FY25, despite the program changes,” Ennis stated. “In areas where degree programs are being discontinued, the Interim Provost will work with the Deans and Department/Division Chairs, as appropriate, to determine which faculty positions will be needed in future years to support the teach-out plans and programming. These future decisions will be communicated to faculty before July 1, 2024.”

Ennis said in the letter that the athletic director has agreed to adjust its budget. The department must also reduce its draw on the university budget by $200,000.

“The Athletic Director has

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