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The Moffetts: four kids, three schools, one thriving family

With four children, Marcus and Christeen Moffett of Jackson find themselves busy with sports practices, dance, schoolwork, and so much more.

“It’s a lot,” Christeen laughed. “We’re going in a lot of different directions.”

But Christeen is happy to make the rounds to the three different schools her children attend because she knows that each of them is in the setting that best meets their unique needs.

Her oldest son Taylor, 15, is enrolled at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, a private school in Madison, where he plays football. Kasey and Kaleb, her 11-year-old twin boys, are in the sixth grade at Midtown Public Charter School in Jackson, while her 9-year-old daughter Serenity attends Spann Elementary School, their residentially assigned public school in Jackson.

Last year the twins also attended Spann Elementary School, and as the school year came to an end Christeen began looking at other alternatives. She had not heard good things about the middle school options in her local public school district, so she began doing some research.

“My intention was to put them at St. Anthony, but Kasey is dyslexic and didn’t get into the school because of his learning disability,” Christeen said.

She knew that she did not want to separate the boys, so she began looking for options where she could keep them together.

“It was important for us that they stay together,” Christeen said. “They would do fine without each other, but we wanted them together, especially in a new school. That was an important thing for me as a mom.”

After looking at several options in the area and not finding what she was looking for, Christeen decided to look at a charter school. She researched charter schools in the Jackson area and found Midtown Public Charter School. Christeen met with Kevin Parkinson, the Midtown principal, and explained her concerns and Kasey’s needs as a student with dyslexia.

“He listened to my concerns and explained what they offered. It was invaluable to me as a parent,” she continued.

Christeen and Marcus enrolled the twins at Midtown at the beginning of this school year,

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