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Energy Reality vs. Wishful Thinking

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In reality, electricity from solar and wind (renewable energy) can supplement energy from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal).  But thinking it can replace fossil fuels is wishful thinking.  Why?  Because renewables are intermittent (sporadic). Solar panels generate electricity about 30% of the time on average.  But they may not generate any electricity for days.  Same for windmills.

So natural gas or coal plants must be on standby 24 hours a day to backup intermittent renewables to prevent blackouts.  This increases plant costs and makes Green electricity expensive even though sunshine and wind are free.

Why is it hard to understand and admit this?  And that renewables can’t provide the carbon molecules needed to make plastics, antifreeze, pharmaceuticals, and thousands of other necessities?  Why?  Because it’s profitable for the Green Energy Cartel and the “scientists” and politicians and virtue seeking hustlers to ignore reality.  And say net zero carbon emissions are possible and necessary to save the planet.

When wishful thinking meets physics, physics wins.  Politicians in Germany and Great Britain thought wind could generate needed electricity.  They shuttered natural gas, coal, and nuclear backups and went all in on windmills.  Their wishful thinking will be painful for constituents this winter.

Closer to home, California and Texas grid failures show that intermittent Green energy causes blackouts.  Mississippians must be slow learners because EntergyMS just built a new solar plant in the Delta and schemes to build nine more.  None are needed to meet customer demand (which isn’t growing).

The plant was shilled as virtuous Green electricity to make Mississippians feel good and as bait to lure out-of-state virtue seeking investors.  However, its Green electricity will be exported to northern states or Canada. Entergy’s Mississippi customers will pay for the plant.  Some may feel good to pay for others’ electricity.  Most probably won’t.

The Public Service Commission enabled the plant and makes Mississippians pay for it.  Say what?  You thought the PSC’s job is to regulate utility monopolies and see that customers get reliable affordable electricity.  And instead, it lets utilities build unneeded plants and makes customers pay for them.  And has done it for years.

You remember when the PSC enabled Mississippi Power’s Kemper County Lignite Plant.  That fiasco began in 2009 when two wishful thinking PSC commissioners said a $1.5 billion experimental plant was needed – even though there was no demand for its electricity, then or now.  (The third commissioner opposed the experiment.)

That experiment cost $7 billion.  It failed to convert lignite to synthetic natural gas.  The plant wouldn’t run.  At all.  But the PSC made customers pay $1.3 billion (twice the cost of a new plant) to modify part of the failure to run on natural gas.  Now, two commissioners want to shut down an operating coal plant to create a need for the modified failure’s electricity.

Despite these failures, one new wishful thinking commissioner says the PSC doesn’t get enough respect.  Seriously?  What has the PSC changed to earn respect?  The other

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