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Hosemann mulling gubernatorial run? Lawmaker not surprised

With one gubernatorial cycle just ending in Mississippi, another one is already shaping up with Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann expressing interest in climbing one step up on the state’s political ladder.

Hosemann, a popular Republican who cruised to a second term in his current role, confirmed to Mississippi Today earlier this week that he has higher aspirations and is mulling a decision of whether or not he will look to be the top elected official in the state.

While Hosemann’s 76 years of age would presumably be a factor in discouraging one from seeking up to 12 more years in office, the lieutenant governor has had a knack for public service in Mississippi. When asked about his age at the 2023 Neshoba County Fair, he dismissed any concerns and even boasted about being a month younger than former U.S. President Donald Trump. Hosemann would begin a gubernatorial term at age 80 if given the opportunity.

State lawmakers also seem unconcerned with Hosemann’s age and even expect to see him make a run at the Governor’s Mansion. Senator Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, during Thursday’s airing of The Gallo Show, said he would be surprised if Hosemann did not toss his hat in the ring.

“[Lt.] Gov. Hosemann is a ball of energy. He’s super smart and very popular. The people of Mississippi just rehired him for the next four years based on the work he’s done and he’s a phenomenal guy,” Fillingane said. “He knows what’s going on in every aspect of state government. He stays on top of the numbers. I think everyone would not be surprised at all to see him not only run but win governor in four years.”

Hosemann began his career in office as secretary of state, holding that position for 12 years before being elected to preside over the Senate in 2019. If he were to launch a successful gubernatorial campaign, he would be recognized as one of the most distinguished political figures in state history.

Politicos have also speculated that a handful other GOP members might submit a bid for the 2027 governor’s race, including Attorney General Lynn

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