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‘Investigation Was Shoddy’: Attorney Claims Police Delayed Brookhaven Shooting Charges

JACKSON, Miss.—An attorney for D’Monterrio Gibson, the FedEx driver who narrowly escaped a shooting on his route in Brookhaven, Miss., earlier this year, has alleged that the Brookhaven Police Department delayed the release of critical documents allowing for the upgraded charges against two Brookhaven men and failed to properly investigate the crime.

Carlos Moore, managing partner at The Cochran Firm’s Mississippi Delta office and Gibson’s attorney, spoke to the media in a Nov. 21 press event outside the Hinds County Courthouse. There, he told the Mississippi Free Press that conversations with the Lincoln County district attorney revealed a slow walk to a just investigation for his client.

D’Monterrio Gibson, who narrowly escaped a shooting in January 2022 while delivering packages for FedEx, said in a Nov. 21, 2022, press conference that he believes he has been treated like a suspect, rather than a victim. Photo by Nick Judin

“We believe that there was a delay on the part of the Brookhaven Police Department,” Moore said, stating that the Lincoln County district attorney waited for months for case files from the Brookhaven police that would eventually allow a grand jury to indict Gregory Case and Brandon Case for the attempted murder of D’Monterrio Gibson.

“We believe that the investigation was shoddy,” Moore said. “It was dilatory. But at some point they had to face the piper. At some point, the police department did turn over the file to Lincoln County District Attorney Dee Bates. And once he received the file from the police department, he presented it to the grand jury as soon as he could, from what he tells me.”

That grand jury returned indictments for the father and son last Friday. The two men are charged with attempted murder, shooting at a motor vehicle and conspiracy. Both men had bonds set at $500,000, and both bonded out immediately upon their arrest.

‘Had Gibson Been White’

The new charges come many months after the initial shooting in late January and the first charges against Gregory Case and Brandon Case. Initially, Brookhaven police charged son Brandon with aggravated assault, and his

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