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Jackson water officials cutting off services at some apartment complexes for unpaid bills

JXN Water has announced that shut-offs have begun for multi-family apartment complexes with unpaid water bills.

The announcement from the city’s municipal water operator, run by interim third-party manager Ted Henifin, was made on Wednesday as officials look to enforce the payment of water bills. Per a report from WLBT, the city is owed nearly $2 million dollars for unpaid water services from at least five different apartment complexes, all of which are owned by non-Mississippi companies.

One complex that has recently endured discontinuation of services is Gardenside Apartments on West Northside Drive. Ownership of the apartment complex allegedly owes close to $150,000 as they have not paid bills in approximately seven years.

“JXN Water has made major strides in improving the consistency and reliability of water throughout the Jackson community. To maintain our progress in improving the system, everyone must pay their fair share,” a portion of a press release from JXN Water reads.

“We are thankful to the residents and businesses who have consistently paid their water bills. To protect our paying customers’ contribution to the system, we must hold people accountable who have outstanding balances with JXN Water.”

Officials added that the property management companies with outstanding bills have been contacted multiple times and have been issued a notice of disconnection in advance to ensure that property owners have ample opportunity to address any payment issues. If no action is taken to resolve the outstanding balance, the property then enters the severance process.

Residents may inadvertently fall victim to these shut-offs. JXN Water administrators urge those in properties that may be impacted to take action immediately.

“We understand the impact on residents who may not be directly responsible for the non-payment,” the release from JXN Water states. “We encourage residents in affected properties to engage with their property management company immediately to understand the steps being taken to restore service.”

U.S. District Judge Henry Wingate appointed Henifin to oversee water operations in Jackson following the 2022 crisis that left the overwhelming majority of residents without clean drinking water or enough water pressure to flush toilets for 48

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