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Life Lessons: What Is Life If The Thought Of Tomorrow Is Better Than Today?

Like everyone else, I wanted to begin 2023 with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. Now the year has slowed to a less chaotic pace, a reflective time to sit in and really uncover life’s lessons. 

Every day is an opportunity for growth. Time and effort focused on tomorrow can cause one to overlook the valuable lessons of today; and it’s easy to become buried in the busyness of pressing forward. On my journey to taking better care of myself, here are several lessons I learned in 2022.

Strangers can become family. Crossing over into new territory can be scary, so leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar takes courage. Transitions are just bridges transporting you from one space to the next. But transitions can also leave you feeling isolated and disconnected. I’ve learned that God sends you the right people when you need them.

I go to the Unlimited Potential Community Development Corporation gym everyday at First Baptist Church on Winchester Street in Gallatin, Tenn. That’s where I met Mrs. Linda and Ms. Kat, fellow volunteers at the gym. They have become family to me and affectionately adopted me as a son.

Mrs. Linda (left) and Ms. Kat (right) smiles for a picture while volunteering at the Unlimited Potential Community Development Corporation gym. Photo by Dr. Terrence Z. Johnson

I enjoy speaking to them every morning, sharing laughs, hearing their stories, and telling mine. They cook for me, too, which I love. It’s a wonderful feeling when people look forward to seeing you. If they don’t see me at my usual time, I’ll get a call or text.

I don’t always have to have an answer. For most of my career, I was leading someone to an answer or was viewed as a source for answers. I now know I don’t have to volunteer to answer when listening is more effective. I don’t have to be an expert. Being a student of life, people, and situations allows for introspection and self-reflection.

I have a story to tell. The journey of life is a winding road. Sometimes, it feels like

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