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Mississippi Education Options Explained

Fall is right around the corner, which means it is time for children to head back to school! This is an exciting time filled with the promise and opportunity of a new year.  

Each year, parents choose where their child will attend school. Some Mississippians have several education options available to choose from. For others, the choices are limited. 

While we are fighting to increase opportunities for parents and children, below is a list of the options currently available in Mississippi. 

Traditional Public School 

Traditional public schools are government-run, taxpayer-funded, tuition-free schools overseen by a school district superintendent and, in most cases, an elected school board. Most Mississippi students attend traditional public schools and are assigned to a particular school based on where they live. 

Traditional Public School in Different District 

To attend a school in a different district, students must submit transfer requests to both their assigned district school board and the school board for the district they wish to attend. Both districts must approve the request. Students transferring to a different school district may be charged tuition by the receiving district. For information on submitting a transfer request, visit your school district website or contact your school district office. 

 Charter Schools 

Charter schools are public schools of choice that are tax-funded and tuition-free. Overseen by independent boards, charter schools have freedom from some traditional public-school regulations and often have a special curriculum or focus.  

In Mississippi, charter schools are open to all students residing in the school district where the school is located or in C, D, or F-rated school districts. State law restricts. where charter schools may open to D and F-rated school districts or A, B, and C-rated school districts with school board approval.  

 For more information on charter schools, visit the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board (MCSAB) website.  

 Private Schools 

Private schools are independent schools that are run by private organizations or individuals. These schools

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