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Mississippi Free Press Must Remain Unbossed, Unbought and Purpose-Driven

I can’t believe we have less than two weeks left in 2022. 

Today’s date means that it’s been another year of working with you to uphold American democracy as we forge our way through this eerie, veil-lifting era of uncertainty, inequity, de-programming and reimagining

In a time when powerful individuals are attempting to silence journalists who dare to hold them accountable, our resolve to do this work remains unchanged. We know that part of our purpose at the Mississippi Free Press is to reset the standard and lead by example. That means remaining introspective and honest as we grow, always tweaking our methods, standing on our word and showcasing that same boldness to speak up.

It means remaining intentional about hiring other hungry, passionate, and purpose-driven media team members that are in touch with Mississippi communities so we can live up to our own standards of diversity, equity and inclusion. We have that goal, not just so we appear diverse to donors, but because Mississippi is diverse and our team should reflect what home really is. Real diversity shows up in our journalism, not in the “Who We Are” section on our homepage.

Operating in our purpose means understanding the power we wield as we tell human stories, remembering that they still have lives to live, too, despite the narrative on display concerning them at that moment. We have to be conscious and responsible, remain compassionate and question everything at every angle so we do not demonize our fellow citizens even when they’re wrong.

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The most important part of walking in our purpose as a media powerhouse is raising funds so we can remain unbossed, unbought and self-empowered as we shine a light into the darkness, which often requires stepping on the toes of power players in our state.

That’s why we can’t do this without you. You and your support powers this vehicle of journalism that holds the powerful accountable.

We want genuine connection to all communities in our state so that you control your own narratives, amplify your own specific needs and

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