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Mississippi on verge of regaining all jobs lost

Two years later, Mississippi is on pace to become the 12th state to regain jobs lost since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

As of the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Mississippi is down just 200 jobs. Neighboring Arkansas has seen among the strongest growth, a change of +1%. Tennessee is at +0.5%. Meanwhile, Alabama is down 1.6%, while Louisiana is doing better than only three other states at -4.4%. In real numbers, that’s nearly 90,000 jobs lost in the Pelican State.

The 11 states that have recovered all jobs

State Total Job Change Percentage Job Change
Utah 81,000 5.1%
Idaho 39,800 5.1%
Montana 15,300 3.1%
Texas 217,900 1.7%
Florida 152,000 1.7%
North Carolina 67,600 1.5%
Arizona 37,800 1.3%
Georgia 58,000 1.2%
Tennessee 38,400 1.2%
Arkansas 12,300 0.9%
Colorado 7,300 0.3%
Mississippi -200 0%

What we notice among the states on the positive side is that we see fewer economic restrictions, lower taxes, and policies that welcome business and families. This was true of these states before the pandemic. And it is certainly true of their response to the pandemic, and related restrictions on businesses.

In a new era of remote work, competition for residents is only growing. States can no longer rely on certain businesses or industries staying where they’ve always been for that one reason. Or the idea that you need to be in one place to attract the most talent.

Many workers now have the ability to choose where they’d like to work, making it all the more important for states to have the best economic policies in place.

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