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Mississippi should embrace artificial intelligence

This article first appeared on the Magnolia Tribune.

  • The Magnolia State is emerging as not just a burgeoning hub for technology, but as an innovative beacon of AI development and discovery

We all remember last summer when Mississippi State went viral for using emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create their 2024 SEC opponents reveal graphic. Who could forget the hilarious and bizarre results? 

Although perhaps the most entertaining in recent memory, it’s far from the only imaginative use of AI in our state. In fact, Mississippi has been leading the way in the tech sector for years, thanks to our supportive state legislature, tax incentives, and cooperation among our four major universities – Mississippi State included. 

All of this means that the Magnolia State is emerging as not just a burgeoning hub for technology, but as an innovative beacon of AI development and discovery. Mississippi is using AI to improve people’s lives and drive economic growth, a testament to our grit, determination, and commitment to progress. 

As a result of our AI-driven initiatives, Mississippi is experiencing an economic boost, with several technology-driven startups and established companies setting up shop in the state. This growing number of AI startups attracts talent and investment to our state and helps to diversify our economy. 

One of these groups is the Mississippi AI Collaborative, a group dedicated to advancing the development of AI technology while also working to reduce inequities in our state. Recently, the Mississippi AI Collaborative received a $250,000 grant to expand its efforts and amplify its impact – funding that will allow the group to accelerate its work toward creating a more inclusive and equitable AI landscape. 

Mississippi is also using AI to improve its agricultural sector. Entergy, an integrated energy company that provides electricity to millions of Mississippians, has leveraged AI to predict vegetation growth on their main distribution lines used to transmit electricity. This technology takes a multitude of factors into consideration to identify which areas are due for trimming, thus increasing worker efficiency, preventing outages, and keeping the lights on for millions of customers. 

Mississippi is leading the way in using AI to advance national security, too. The U.S. Army recently awarded a $17 million contract to Camgian, a Mississippi-based company that specializes in digital technologies, to develop AI-enabled systems that will better equip the U.S. military. Camgian’s technologists have been working on innovations in data science, AI, and software to pioneer technology that will address critical national security needs.

Mississippi’s commitment to AI innovation is not limited to industry alone. Our universities are investing in AI research and equipping students with the skills they need to excel in this rapidly growing field. The University of Mississippi Medical Center, for example, is incorporating AI in the classroom to help students make diagnoses, design care plans, and create quality assurance models. With this knowledge, Mississippi students are poised to lead our state into the future of technology. 

The Magnolia State’s technology sector has received ringing endorsements through major investments by companies like Google. Now, Amazon has joined the group of large tech companies showing their confidence in our state’s ability to lead the way in AI innovation with their dollars—recently announcing plans to invest $10 billion to build two data centers in our state to meet growing demand as the adoption of AI technologies gains momentum, representing the largest private investment in the state’s history.

As AI becomes more prevalent, the opportunities for Mississippi are endless. AI-driven technologies can improve health care outcomes, optimize energy consumption, enhance transportation systems, and streamline public services. By embracing AI, Mississippi can create new industries, attract new business, and create new jobs.

With continued investment in AI research and education, Mississippi will remain well-positioned as a pioneer in technology. The future is bright for Mississippi – let’s embrace AI and the many opportunities it can bring the Magnolia State.

This article first appeared on the Magnolia Tribune and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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