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“The system did not allow me to do my job”

Veteran teacher Joseph Herrington walked out of his classroom after 27 years – not because he didn’t want to continue teaching but because the...

Bringing an “Intense Emerald Green” to Mississippi

During the filming of the American film classic Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Mississippi locations were, according to Joel Coen, “greener than Ireland, an...

The growth of occupational licensing

Occupational licensing laws are passed by states, setting minimum standards for workers to enter a profession. These required qualifications include education, training, job experience,...

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Enter Enzo

Forty years ago, I worked my first shift in a restaurant. It was almost the first hour, of the...
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Mississippi Today hosted chef Vishwesh Bhatt for a members-only book club

For Mississippi Today’s first members-only book club, managing editor Kayleigh Skinner was joined by award-winning chef and now author...

Marshall Ramsey: The Next Step

The post Marshall Ramsey: The Next Step appeared first on Mississippi Today.

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