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Political speaking at the 2022 Neshoba County Fair kicked off today

Wednesday’s speakers included Lt. Governor Hosemann, Insurance Commissioner Chaney, lawmakers, and more.

On Wednesday, the political speeches at the 2022 Neshoba County Fair kicked off and attendees had the opportunity to hear from sitting public officials and candidates for public office from the local and state level.

The lineup of political speakers on Wednesday included:

  • Honorable Steven Kilgore (R), District Attorney, 8th Circuit Court District
  • Hon. Joey Kilgore, Chancery Judge, 6th Chancery Court District
  • Hon. Mark Duncan, Circuit Judge, 8th Circuit Court District
  • Hon. Michael T. Evans (Independent), State Representative, District 45
  • Hon. Jenifer Branning (R), State Senator, District 18
  • Hon. C. Scott Bounds (R), State Representative, District 44
  • Shuwaski Young (D), candidate for U S House of Representatives, MS-03
  • Honorable Mike Chaney (R), Insurance Commissioner, State of Mississippi
  • Hon. Delbert Hosemann (R), Lt. Governor, State of Mississippi

Below is a highlight of the first day of political speeches.

Lt. Governor of Mississippi Delbert Hosemann (R)

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann, Neshoba 2022

The Lt. Governor of Mississippi gave attendees a recap of the 2022 Mississippi Legislative and talked about plans for the 2023 session.

Among the issues he discussed were teacher pay raises, infrastructure, and the largest tax cut in Mississippi history.

As for the 2023 Legislative session, the Lt. Governor said that his top priorities are providing tax rebates for Mississippians, postpartum care, modified calendars for school districts, and much more.

Hosemann said it will be a big year for Mississippi since there is an influx in money that the state has never seen before. 

State Representative Michael Evans (I), District 45

Rep. Michael Evans, Neshoba 2022

During his speech at the 2022 Neshoba County Fair, Representative Evans addressed topics he said “no one else is going to talk about” including a possible run for Speaker of the House by current Speaker Pro Tempore, State Representative Jason White (R).

Evans said that if White does run for Speaker, he would support the Representative “100%.”

He gave no indication, however, of when that run by White could occur or if current Speaker Philip Gunn was stepping aside.

Evans did say that next year, the Mississippi Legislature is going to bring up the topic of abortion in Jackson.

State Senator Jenifer Branning (R), District 18

Senator Jennifer Branning, Neshoba 2022

Senator Branning said that during the 2022 Mississippi Legislative session lawmakers were able to get together and put forth legislation that will make generational changes for lives of all Mississippians.

Branning said that through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds they were able to do improve water systems, pledge money to the medical community for doctors and nurses, the largest income tax cut in Mississippi history, the largest teacher pay raise in history, and more.

The State Senator of District 18 also discussed $230 million that went into the state’s infrastructure system, with $100 million of that dedicated to the Emergency Road and Bridge Fund to benefit rural communities.

State Representative Scott Bounds (R), District 44

Rep. Scott Bounds, Neshoba 2022

During State Representative Bounds’ speech, he talked about America.

Bounds, who serves as the President of the Neshoba County Fair Association, said that he is humbled and honored to be a voice for the Mississippi Legislature and he is thankful to be allowed to graciously do that.

The State Representative of District 44 also announced that he will be running for reelection in 2023.

Shuwaski Young (D), candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, MS-03

Shuwaski Young, Neshoba 2022

The Democratic Nominee for Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District noted that he comes from a family of Mississippi public servants and patriots.

Shuwaski Young said at the cornerstone of his campaign are the values of respect and compassion for all. 

Young said that these are values he holds near and dear to my heart, values that he instills in his daughter, and values that garner respect and call for humanity.

He added that we “must work together for a better, brighter future.”

Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney (R)

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, Neshoba 2022

At the beginning of the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner’s speech, Mike Chaney announced that he plans to run for a fifth term of office in next year’s statewide elections.

Chaney discussed some of the legislative accomplishments from the 2022 session and the success of the Mississippi Insurance Department.

Following his speech, Chaney answered questions regarding the current Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mississippi and UMMC deliberations. He said they can both make a compromise happen to benefit those who need coverage.

You can view the full Y’all Politics Twitter thread with clips from the speakers that took the stage Wednesday below.


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